Best IP Blocker for New Zealand

If you are someone who is very proactive online and is against the internet hackers, someone who wants to stay private and secure online and also wants to access blocked sites then having New Zealand IP blocker is the best tool to have. With Zelanian IP address masking software you can change your IP address and keep your internet connection encrypted and completely anonymous. Therefore, read on to find out which are the best IP blocker for New Zealand today.

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What is an IP address?

Most people don’t know that they actually have a couple of IP addresses. You have an internal IP address and public IP address.

Internal IP address

Router or wireless access point assign internal IP. Internal IP cannot be used on the internet, and they don’t really mean anything to the outside world. Furthermore, many people around the world may have the same internal IP.

Public IP address

Your public IP is the essential one. Your public IP is the one that everyone can see, the websites you access see it and allows you access to enter it. There is an easy way to find out what is your public IP. Just type what’s my IP address on Google, and it will show your public IP address. There are also several websites where you can check your IP. There are also several websites where you can check your IP, try

The public IP is your unique presence online; it is the one that determines who you are and what access you have and what is blocked for you online. Because your IP is directly linked to your physical location, then you will be allowed to access only sites that are available for your area. If you are trying to open websites that are unavailable in your geographical location, then you will be denied an entree. Therefore, public IP address blocking for New Zealand service is a tool that lets users bypass IP related blocks and surf the web securely and anonymously.

What can you do with New Zealand IP blocker

Best IP blocker for New Zealand
There are several reasons why people choose to use an IP blocker for Zelanian. With a New Zealand IP blocking tool you can keep your physical locations private. It can prevent websites from tracking your online activities. Also, New Zealand ISP block helps you avoid leaving an online footprint. Moreover, it lets you bypass not only IP bans but also limits on downloads. Therefore, with Zelanian ISP blocker software you can access content, sites, and services that are restricted by geolocation. For example, if you wish to get American Netflix in New Zealand then IP blocking tool will be your best friend.

Using IP address blocker as a tool to hide your IP address, it makes sure no wrong-doers ever can get their hands on such an essential identifier as your public IP address.

Best Zelanian IP Blocking solutions?

There are a few solutions available for New Zealand IP blocking.

The most common and secure is a Virtual Private Network (VPN). It lets users stay safe and anonymous online. Furthermore, by encrypting your communication, VPN keeps your data and information on the internet ultimately secure allowing you to bypass geographic restrictions like those commonly associated with online video games or movie streaming services.

By connecting to an external server, VPN uses a secure tunnel that works between the user’s device and the website it tries to access. Only secure and encrypted information passes through VPN tunnel, therefore, with VPN for New Zealand, no hackers nor other wrong-doers can get access to your personal data.

Another solution that works great as an IP blocker for New Zealand is a Proxy service. However, in comparison to VPN service, Proxy for Zelanian ISP block has many disadvantages. The most important feature that Proxy is lacking is encryption, unlike VPN service, New Zealand Proxy doesn’t encrypt user’s data, therefore, making a user to expose all its online activities.

What is the best IP Blocker for Zelanian

The best and most secure, and convenient software for blocking your IP address is VPN service. Best features that VPN New Zealand IP block provides are as follows:

  • It hides your IP address for New Zealand
  • Encrypts your online traffic and data
  • It allows you to use torrents securely and privately
  • Lets you to unblock geographically restricted sites from other countries
  • Bypass government censorship and protect your data from your ISP

Using VPN as an IP blocker for Zelanian is has some of the best benefits that user can expect when hiding the IP.

When using VPN service for New Zealand IP address blocking, VPN assigns you a new IP address which spoofs your real public IP. Furthermore, all the traffic gets tunneled through a secure private network that allows you to surf the internet securely and anonymously.

How to block IP address with a VPN

It is easy to use VPN as an IP address blocker for New Zealand. First of all, you need to get a subscription to your preferred Virtual Private Network provider. Once you have made a choice and signed up with a provider that offers reliable and trustworthy service, you can download its software on your device that you intend using. After installing the IP blocker for Zelanian you can sign in using your account details and search for a server you wish to connect to. After connecting to a VPN server, your IP address will be replaced with a new secure IP provided by your VPN service provider.

Paid vs. Free IP blocker for New Zealand

In the past, IP address blockers for Zelanian were premium services. Only large multinational companies could afford using them. But now, in the recent years, the demand from individual users has rapidly increased, and more service providers have made their IP address blocking tools for New Zealand available to more significant masses.

IP blocking tools have not only become more affordable, but there are also some providers that offer free IP blocker for New Zealand services. Although many people would prefer using a free rather than paid service, the critical question is whether it is secure.

And our answer to this question is no! Typically service providers that offer free IP address blocking for Zelanian aren’t trustworthy. Users should be cautious when signing up for a service that provides their service entirely for free. Since we are talking about online data protection, the free service providers may not comply with all the regulations and might even collect your personal data to harm you even more.

Limited free blocking IP address tools

There are a few free blocking IP address tools that offer limited service. For example, some VPNs for Zelanian offer service with a data cap. Few others may limit your free plan to 500MB a month, but the more generous ones will provide you with a data allowance of 2 to 10GB. One disadvantage that many free IP blocking for New Zealand VPNs have is usage restriction. For example, many free Zelanian VPNs for IP blocking doesn’t allow P2P. But some other service providers have bandwidth limits for their free subscribers. Therefore the free IP blocker users experience speed loses and sometimes even connection downtimes.

However, free IP address blocking plans can be useful for some simple tasks, it can protect your online data when on a short trip away from your country of residence. Therefore, if you are looking for more advanced and reliable blocking IP for New Zealand service then paid tools usually are much better options.


Using an IP blocker for New Zealand is one of the main of many online security and privacy steps that you can take in your internet browsing journey. While there are several ways to block your IP, the most comprehensive and safe way is a Virtual Private Network (VPN). With a Zelanian VPN service for blocking your IP, you will not only be able to surf the web anonymously. But also it will let you bypass online restrictions and avoid the internet surveillance. Choose one of the best IP blockers for Zelanian market from the list above and keep your data secure no matter where you are and what you do. Also, if you are traveling, you can use an IP blocker in other countries like New Caledonia and other places.


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